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Mundipharma South Africa is proud to provide quality over-the-counter products, which are registered with the Medicines Control Council. Our Schedule 0 products are available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets. 
The Mundipharma over-the-counter product range:

Teejel Lg

Teejel® Gel

Teejel® Gel is a topical treatment for effective relief of mouth ulcers and teething pain. The gel has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Since the mouth is well endowed with pain nerve endings, lesions of the oral mucosa can cause pain levels out of proportion to their size. Even a small ulcer, which elsewhere would be considered trivial, can cause the sufferer great discomfort, particularly if under pressure from a denture. Teejel® Gel is mainly used for teething babies, but can also be used by adults for the treatment of pain and discomfort of the mouth, whatever its cause.

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"Pain is always a matter of perspective. We believe in the full enjoyment of life. 
From teething to denture sores, Teejel® Gel is at your side."

Sales & Marketing Manager: OTC

Betadine Full Range Products S0 S2 A Min 1 1

Betadine® Range

For more than four decades, Betadine®  has been used in homes and hospitals worldwide as an important first line of defense against topical infections.

Betadine®  is a multivalent broad spectrum local antiseptic (a medicine used to prevent germs from growing), which means that it kills a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The active ingredient, povidone-iodine, works by gradually releasing iodine from the povidone-iodine complex; it is the iodine that is effective in killing the germs. Besides bacteria, viruses and fungi, povidone-iodine is also effective against other organisms, namely protozoa, yeasts, cysts and spores. 

Antimicrobial resistance, when a medicine is no longer effective to overcome infections, is a global problem and is spreading. This can result in prolonged illness, and even death for the patient. It occurs when micro-organisms change and anti-microbial medicine (for example antibiotics) are no longer effective. This is not only true for bacteria but also for viruses and fungi. Povidone-iodine has not been associated with bacterial resistance, and can be considered as an option for the prevention and treatment of infections. This is the reason why Betadine®, with its rapid mode of action against microbes, is a well-known brand, with various different applications, that will prevent and treat infections throughout the body.

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"At Mundipharma, we believe in providing innovative, qualitative and affordable products direct to patients. Preventing and treating infections is the mission of the Betadine® range."

Sales & Marketing Manager: OTC


Cosmetic Range

BETADINE™ Daily Intimate Care has a unique TRI-CARE+™ formulation combined with prebiotics, which provides daily intimate protection from unwanted symptoms helping you maintain the correct pH balance. It is made from natural ingredients with no parabens or colourants (which may disturb your natural balance).

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Natural Defence Full Range 1

Natural Defence

BETADINE™ Natural Defence harnesses a special blend of skin-friendly ingredients formulated to deliver the unique triple benefits of effectively providing germ protection while moisturising the skin and maintaining its pH balance without the use of certain harsh chemicals. This makes BETADINE™ Natural Defence the only range that offers 99.99 % germ protection while giving your skin the nourishment it needs.

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